Book Available!

BANDSTANDS TO BATTLEFIELDS, an insightful look at brass bands in 19th Century America, is now available. The purpose of this book is to show, by using a representitive sampling of bands that existed throughout the century, how bands in America originated, grew to popularity and adapted to the ever-changing tastes of the people. By illustrating the camaraderie bandsmen shared among themselves, impressions they imparted to their fellow citizens, with their flashy uniforms and shiny instruments, and the influence their wonderful music had on an emering nation. The bands, leaders and bandsmen of the 19th century can take their rightful place at the forefront of our nation's history.

Jari Villanueva in his introduction states: "The music of the Civil War has a unique charm about it, not to be equaled until the wind/brass band music explosion at the end of the 19th century. There can be no doubt that a sincere interest in the performance of this music still exists today. Bandstands to Battlefields is a long overdue and welcome publication. It contains valuable information about these brass bands, many unpublished photographs and biographies of some of the more famous bandleaders of the period. It will add much to our knowledge of brass bands in teh 19th century, their service during the Civil War and their music, not only of the war, but the entire Victorian era."